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Top Guide to USA Blacklisted Casinos

Blacklisted casinos are those casino sites that do not uphold industry standards. And, in turn, find themselves on the blacklist for unethical behavior.  Blacklisting is a necessary action because players could innocently fall into the trap of gambling at an untrustworthy casino site. Ruining a player’s entire online casino experience. blacklisted casino

We have created a guide to help you identify casinos you should avoid. We are protecting our American players against their rogue behavior. Our guide includes easy to understand criteria that include all the standards we uphold and endorse for the online casino sites on our recommendation.

As a US casino player, it is your responsibility to know which casino sites you can trust. You need to do this before registering and sharing sensitive information with them. Go through this guide, and you’ll know all there is to know about blacklisted casinos.

Safe Online Casinos in the US


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Why Casinos Get Blacklisted

Casino sites attract players to their casinos by advertising their services and promotions. Most of which are attractive packages. Casino sites are also required to operate according to socially accepted standards of safety and reliability.

Blacklist goes beyond the requirements of what makes a casino great. It’s just simply about the principle of offering services to people and being able to deliver diligently. Here are all the reasons behind the blacklisting of casinos:

blacklisted casinos

Failure to pay out winnings

Imagine being a casino player and then being lucky enough to win from your bets and wagers. Then the casino you play at does not pay you what you have won. Bleak, isn’t it? Lack of payment of wins defeats the whole purpose of making bets using your own money. This is why casinos who don’t pay out winnings find themselves blacklisted. These are the types of casinos that could ruin your entire casino experience and should be avoided at all costs.

No (RNG) Random Number Generator Software 

Almost all casino games are games of luck and chance. Which means they are, in essence, unpredictable and spontaneous. This is why there’s a thrill to casino gambling – knowing that you winning is entirely out of your power and anyone else’s for that matter.

Unless a casino site does not have a random number generator.  It means we cannot trust how it functions its games. The casino personnel will easily be able to manipulate outcomes for the games without software controlling it. RNG is also a policy requirement for gambling sites. And any casino where the numbers are not generated randomly should not be trusted.

Misleading Advertising

Not living up to the promotions and bonuses advertised is illegal even outside of the gambling world. This means a casino is trying to trick players into signing up with them to boost their numbers. It is unethical and telling of the type of casino you are dealing with, so we recommend not to trust.

Bad Customer Service- Casinos

Because casinos are service-based businesses. The communication between casinos and players is a constant need. The best sites have multiple communication platforms.

Customer service is a crucial requirement for operating a casino, and any casino where a player will struggle to get correspondence should be avoided.

List of Blacklisted Casinos

You will find several blacklisted casinos on the internet. Here is a list of ones you should look out for:

  • iNetBet Casino
  • ExclusiveBet Casino
  • Cocoa Casino
  • This is Vegas Casino
  • Paradise 8 Casio
  • Da Vinci Gold Casino
  • CS Casino
  • Omni Casino
  • VipSlots