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Warning Signs of Gambling Addiction?

Gambling addiction is, unfortunately, one if those pathological disorders that are hard to pick up in the beginning:

  • Secretive about gambling activities –You start feeling ashamed of the amount of gambling you do. So you begin hiding it from the people around you.
  • Losing self-control over gambling – In other words you start being compulsive.
  • Spending an excessive amount of time online
  • Giving up all hobbies and usual routine
  • Completely running out of money

Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is problematic, inhibited the use of gambling.As a favorite past time for many of us. But like many activities when it is done in excess, it can become a problem. The consequences of a gambling problem like addiction are severe. Here at American Casino sites, our commitment to our American players goes beyond casino recommendations and the best casino games. We truly are invested in the holistic online casino experience. Gambling should be done in a responsible, grown-up way. When a person suffers from gambling addiction, they can be identified by the compulsive need to gamble constantly. They will end up doing anything just to make sure they gamble, including going bankrupt or even stealing money just to gamble.

In this guide, we list all the signs you should look out for if you suspect someone might be dealing with a gambling problem. We also list all the support helplines you can contact. Remember gambling addiction

How to Deal with Gambling Addiction?

Do you identify the signs in your own life? Well, then that is the very first step to healing. Identifying a problem and admitting to it is usually the hardest part for many people. The problem lies in the fact that they don’t know that they have a problem.

Here are a few ways to manage a gambling problem

  • Find stress relieving hobbies

Having healthy ways to relieve the daily stress we constantly encounter is important in this day and age. When gambling becomes a problem it means it has become more than just a recreational activity and is being misused.

  • Increase your support system

We all have those days when we aren’t feeling like ourselves. And the bet remedy to this is reaching out to loved ones, this could be a friend, a family member or even a colleague. This is much better than finding yourself turning basic activities into toxic outlets.

  • Join a peer group

There are many ways to deal with a problem, and one of the most trusted ways is to be around other people who share your sentiments are also trying to heal. Peer groups for gambling addiction are organizations like Gamblers Anonymous, where people convene every week and keep each other accountable for not giving in to their gambling.

  • Losing self-control

Enjoying gambling requires a sense of control. Even when players do not have a gambling problem, we always refer to doing things in moderation. This means players know how and when to stop. The consequences of a lack of self-control are

  • Seek help for the real underlying mood disorders

Depression, stress, substance, abuse, anxiety. These can all trigger a gambling problem and can be made even worse if there is compulsive gambling. Managing whatever underlying problems you may have is a preventative measure against problems like addiction.

Gambling Addiction Treatment

Overcoming a gambling problem is never easy and seeking professional treatment doesn’t mean that you’re weak in some way or can’t handle your problems. But it’s important to remember that every gambler is unique so you need a recovery program tailored specifically to your needs and situation. Talk to your doctor or mental health professional about different treatment options, including:

  1. Inpatient or residential treatment and rehab programs.
  2. Treatment for underlying conditions
  3. Cognitive-behavioral therapy.
  4. Family Therapy


Problem Gambling Support for Americans

Some dedicated organizations and professionals deal with the scourge of gambling addiction in the United States of America. They provide around the clock help and can be reached on the following platforms:

National Council on Problem Gambling – (1-800) 522-4700

Problem Gambling CA – (1-866) 531-2600

SAMHSA – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (1-800) 487-4889

All of these organizations are verified to give world standard support for anyone suffering from gambling addiction or even any other addictions that can cause to gambling problems. We find that gambling addiction is just where x marks the spot, and there’s actually so many other underlying problems.

Gambling addiction has many devastating effects to a person’s wellbeing and to the people around you. It can bring destruction to your entire personhood as some people end up losing all their money and destroying all their relationships.

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