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Gambling Laws in the United States

This guide will explain the Gambling Laws in America. The legal standpoint of casinos, primarily internet-based casinos. We take a brief look at how Gambling came from where it was to the worldwide sensation it is now.gambling laws

In America, casinos originate back to the 1800s. In the states of Colorado and Wyoming. Casinos in the US started off in saloons. Although in 2020, saloons are now a thing of the past. Most casinos these days also hold liquor licenses. In the beginning, online casinos did not receive a welcoming reception. Because many people worried that these casinos were scams. They couldn’t be trusted with money. However, if you are to speak to any ordinary American today. You will find that anyon that is gambling or making sports bets is most probably doing it online. According to Statista, Internet-based casinos are now a 40 billion dollar industry.

Online Gambling – Where to Gamble in the US


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Online Gambling Laws

Online gambling is now a worldwide sensation. And this wasn’t always the case.  In America, the laws operate on federal governance. This means the country allows states to make their own laws. As long as they don’t contradict the American constitution. Here is how this affects gambling laws. There are a few states that have entirely outlawed Gambling. Then you find states that have legalized gambling. Some are in the process of legalizing it. And then they have different provisions for legal age.

The everyday use of the internet has also brought to our computer screens casino sites. Some laws were enacted before the internet existed that used to harm online Gambling directly. This Law, The Wire Act of 1961 – prohibited any electronic transfers between people for wagering. The Wire Act has nothing to do with the legal standpoint of Gambling.

The Reason Why Gambling Laws Exist?

The roles that Gambling laws and legislation play in communities are as follows:

  1. Promote and encourage responsible Gambling.
  2. Help people understand the gambling industry.
  3. Reduce the instances of disadvantages bin the gambling industry.
  4. Regulate the gambling industry and make sure it remains fair for all players.
  5. Keep track and control of all gambling activity while ensuring that only legal business is allowed.
  6. Generate revenue that contributes to social responsibility forums.

Gambling Legislation

The Gambling legislation in the US is under the control of the Department of International Affairs. This department controls the whole country and the gambling industry. If you have a casino license, the DIA will follow up on casino operations. Just as a regulatory measure. To ensure you are acting within the bounds of the law. The main objective of the DIA is keeping safety measures stringent. Casinos under license do not get to operate illegally under the government’s watch.

The DIA division – The Gambling Compliance group. Is the body responsible for all gambling activities that do not relate to casinos. These will include sports betting fixtures and their websites. They give specialized licenses and authority only after thorough checks and reviews.


Gambling Laws in the US

Regulated US Casino Sites

Here are Five casino sites that are regulated and licensed. American gamblers can choose to play here on any casino site we have recommended.

  1. BoVegas Casino
  2. Irish Luck Casino
  3. Café Casino
  4. Cherry Gold Casino
  5. SuperNova Casino

US Federal Laws

Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act – PASPA

This act has been declared unconstitutional. This is based on the constitutional court ruling to allow states to govern their gambling industry. PASPA was enacted to protect players from the corruption of match fixtures. And other unethical activities from the commerce of sport.

The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act – IGRA

Native Indian communities take part in gambling games as it is part of their culture. This act regulates gambling in traditional villages and communities. Gambling is allowed and promoted in these societies because of the economic contribution. Gambling at Native American conservations is, therefore, legal. Itis under the agency of the Indian tribes under the National Indian Gaming Commission.

Minimum Legal Ages in the USA

In terms of Legal gambling age –most American states maintain the standard age of 21 and above as a minimum requirement.

However, the minimum age may vary from one state to another, but it never goes below 18. And any rule with 18 as a minimum requirement prescribes it for the lottery.