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If you are looking for the right online poker tips and strategies to have you playing like a pro at Poker then you have come to the right place.  We have a list of the 8 things casinos will never tell you.

These are tips for beginners who want to hit the ground running and for seasoned players who want to take their gameplay up a notch.  It is no coincidence that professional poker players always turn a profit.


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1.      Don’t Play Arbitrarily

This online poker tips page proves that we take this game seriously and so should you. Playing is not always about making moves. Sometimes just sitting back and watching is the best way to play the game. Furthermore, you can pick up patterns from your opponents from being observant as they play. After all, human beings tend to be creatures of habit. This information will help you make better decisions as you bet against them.

2.      Don’t Bluff Unnecessarily

Bluffing is when a poker player plays a hand that is not the best hand. Specifically to intimidate players into thinking you have a better hand so they end up folding. Players will be expecting bluffing and so their guard will be up at all times. So using it unnecessarily will lead to not being taken seriously. In which case the bluffing will be ineffective.

3.      Always Play Sober

Poker is the type of game that you will associate with a good time. In movies, the characters playing poker have a drink in hand and look glamourous when they cash in on the wins. But the truth about drinking alcohol and casino gaming is that it’s unsustainable. More likely than not it leads to reckless behaviour. Poker requires a player to be sharp when and alcohol dulls the senses.

4.      Pay Attention

Paying attention while playing may seem obvious but you would be surprised at how much difference it makes to be extra vigilant. Even applying poker strategy depends on the current situation of the game. This means if you aren’t paying attention to what’s happening you might find yourself playing out of turn.

5.      Pick a Game Suitable for your level of Skill

Ever heard the saying don’t bite more than you can chew? Well, we can apply it to poker as well. Playing at your level of skill will help you win. And even though the challenge might seem attractive. Moving up will only reduce your chances of winning. It is always better to be an expertly skilled player than be an average player. In other words, the game level where you are excelling is where you should be playing.


Online Poker tips

6.      Don’t Make a Loss Make you Run Away

Nobody enjoys losing and we can understand that. But losing is sometimes part and parcel of gambling. Some days are just unlucky and losing wagers happens to the best of us. However, making losses should not be a reason for you to stay away from poker. Be careful that you don’t make too many losses but don’t throw in the towel. Your skill, strategy and these tips used effectively will produce results.

7.      If your Opponent is Showing Weakness, then Attack

The last tip is a war strategy. If you notice your opponent showing weakness with their betting then don’t hesitate and start attacking. The weakness of an opponent is always the best time to get ahead against them. The best strategy when your opponent is weak is aggressive bluffing. This will cause them out of fear and they are likely to concede.

8.      Act like a Professional

A professional is someone that knows what they are doing. In every game you play, for every decision and pot take everything you do seriously. This also means minimize the distractions around you so you can focus on the game. This point is important because Poker does reach a point when it gets boring. Consequently increasing the chances of making dumb decisions.


If you follow these rules and have gone through our comprehensive how-to Play Poker guide then you will smooth sail into online poker. This online poker tips guide is created by pros who have over 20-years of experience.


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