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Casino bonuses are like free casino money. These promotions are incentives that gambling sites offer to try to attract new players to sign up at their site. online casino bonuses USA

They give players extra funds in the casino bankroll to help kick-start their online gambling experience.

To help online gamblers make informed decisions. We’ve compared the bonuses from all the top-rated casinos and have ranked them accordingly.

Here is everything you need to know about casino bonuses. There are a few terms and conditions that need to be explained. And of course all the different types of bonuses available.


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Top 10 Casino Bonus Types

There are more than a few types of casino bonuses – this list includes all the common bonuses. The types you will undoubtedly come across while trying out casino sites and explain them for you below.

1.Welcome Casino Bonus

The welcome bonus is the most common out of all of them. Most gambling sites offer their new players a welcome bonus when they sign up and make the first deposit. Casino’s best casino bonus tends to be very generous as it incentivizes the player to start playing on the site. The terms of how to claim your welcome bonus will differ from one casino site to the next.

2. Match Casino Bonus

Every time a player makes a deposit to fund their bankroll, the casino will incentivize this deposit. Sometimes even doubling your funds by matching your deposit. The match bonus is an ongoing promotion.

3. No Deposit Casino Bonus

These are casinos that require no deposit for you to sign up and start playing. This is basically a welcome bonus without the deposit. They may seem very lucrative, but this bonus comes with many terms and conditions. Let us explain it to you.

4.Reload Bonus

The reload bonus is the amount of money given to US players after they have used their welcome bonus and is redeemable at any deposit. The reload bonus’s main point is for players to stay after they have used their first bonus. Online casinos face a lot of competition because there are more than a few with decent games and great promotions. What is to stop a player from going from one casino site to another? This is why casinos will not offer ongoing specialized promotions.

5.Free Spins Casino Bonus

These bonuses apply to slot games and offer free spins; you get to play for free, in other words. Free Spin bonuses can often pop up in scattering, and players will claim them as they play.

6.Refer a Friend Bonus

If you are the type of person who likes to put other people on, this casino bonus will work for you. US players will able to redeem a bonus or promotion for every time another American player signs up.

8.Cashback Casino Bonus

This bonus works the other way around – players are given a percentage of money back if they are unfortunate and lose all their wagers. This bonus works the other way around from the conventional bonus options. It basically saves the player from any loss.

9. Loyalty Casino Bonus

This incentive goes to those players that show loyalty to the casino site and keep coming back. The loyalty casino bonus includes various incentives, things like the best match rates, and good free spins.

10.VIP Casino Bonus

The VIP casino bonus is also like a loyalty bonus, but for their high roller players. The VIP players do not mind spending on their wagers, so they are rewarded generously too. The deals for VIP players often extend the bonuses and can include prizes like holiday getaways.


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How Casino Bonuses Work

Casino Bonuses and promotions are definitely a generous act of goodwill from casinos to their players. But if they are giving out so much, how do they maintain the casino business. Well, there are a few terms and conditions that apply to bonuses to make the whole process a little fairer. American players must always read the fine print and terms of the casino they choose to play at. Below is just a summary of the conditions that will affect withdrawal from the bankroll where a bonus is involved.

These are known as wagering requirements – remember the bonus’s whole point is that you must use them to play on the site. Not to withdraw the money and run off with it.

The requirements express that a player must wager the bonus amount for a minimum amount of time before withdrawing from their bankroll.


how casino bonuses work

Casino Bonuses – Terms & Conditions

These are all the crucial considerations of a bonus and promotional incentive. These are usually stated on the site’s terms and conditions page.

  1. Casino Bonus Wagering Requirement

When you see this on a site page, know that it means the number of times you as a player must first wager the bonus amount before you can withdraw anything.

  1. Minimum Deposit Amount for Casino Bonuses

This is the smallest amount of money you are allowed to deposit. It varies significantly from one casino to the other. Casinos have this provision to make sure that they don’t go bankrupt. People would obviously deposit very small amounts knowing they still get generous cashback.

  1. Casino Bonus Maximum Withdrawal

This is the most a player can withdraw at one go. Casinos monitor this because they would go bankrupt if a player would decide to withdraw a huge amount of money at one instance.

  1. Further Casino Bonus Rules

The promotional terms and conditions are usually restricted to the ones covered above. They can, however, sometimes include legal restrictions and reasons that can exclude non-US players from claiming bonuses. Our American players do not have to worry about online casinos that don’t allow US players. Our best casino recommendations cater to US casino players.

What are Bonus Codes?

Bonus codes are tools casinos used to give their players promotions. A bonus code is redeemable to anyone eligible for the promotion it is offering. For example, a bonus code may be available as a welcome bonus promotion. Bonus codes are effective because they can be updated whenever used so that players don’t unethically use them. The code will usually be a combination of numbers and letters. Most casinos don’t use bonuses these days. Instead, they will provide links that take the players directly to their promotion.

Are Casino Bonuses Worth It?

Definitely, they are not as straightforward as you would imagine. Casinos are also business, and they run on profit, so they cannot give away all their revenue. They give players a great chance at winning big by increasing their bankroll and giving them more opportunities. Casino bonuses are basically free money from the casino you choose. They do come with a few limitations that can make things a bit hard for US players. But they are worth it because the benefit does outweigh the restraint.


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New Casinos
250% up to  $10,000 + 100 free spins
Welcome Bonus - 275% Bonus up to $2,750
Welcome package 3,5 BTC +350 Free Spins
250% slots bonus up to $2,500 on your first deposit.
275% Bonus up to $2,750 Welcome Bonus Protection Status