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Mobile casinos allow online gamblers to visit their favourite casino sites through their mobile devices. Mobile-friendly games online are convenient and easy and cater to almost 80% of users that access the internet through mobile devices. This is perfect for the busy and on-the-go lifestyles people lead in this day and age. mobile casino icon This guide will give you the most relevant information regarding mobile casinos. We will help you with how to use them and answer a few FAQs.

Social media popularity is drawing everyone’s interest in online gambling sites. People suddenly want to know because they see other people having safe fun and winning real money on mobile casinos. You might also want to see what the hype is about, well then, in that case, you’ve come to the right place.

Top Mobile Casino Sites

The best mobile casinos are available at America’s top-rated casino sites in the United States. American Casino sites noticed its popularity, which is evident in the table below, which features the best online casinos, promotions, and click to access them.

Lucky Hippo Casino
200% Bonus up to $10,000. Min Deposit: $25
T&Cs Apply
Valid for New Players Only. Use Bonus Code: HIPPO300. Get 300% Bonus up to $3,000. Can be redeemed three times, for up to $9,000 in bonuses. Only valid for deposits of $25 or more. 45x Wagering Requirement.
Red dog Casino Casino
225% Bonuses up to $8,000. Min Deposit: $25
T&Cs Apply
18+. New players only. 225% Bonus up to $8,000. Use Bonus Code: REDINVITE. Minimum Deposit to qualify is $10. 40x Wagering Requirement.
Wild Casino
350% Bonus up to $2,500. Min Deposit: $30
T&Cs Apply
18+. New players only. Welcome Bonus – 250% Bonus up to $5,000. This bonus only applies for deposits of $10 or higher! 35x Wagering Requirement.
Vegas Aces Casino
300% Bonuses up to $3,000. Min Deposit: $25
T&Cs Apply
18+. New players only. Welcome Bonus – 250% Bonus up to $5,000. This bonus only applies for deposits of $10 or higher! 35x Wagering Requirement.
200% Bonus up to $10,000
18+. New players only. Welcome Bonus – 300% Bonus up to $2,000. This bonus only applies for deposits of $25 or higher! 40x Wagering Requirement.
300% Bonus up to $3,000
18+. New players only. Welcome Bonus – 300% Bonus up to $2,000. This bonus only applies for deposits of $25 or higher! 40x Wagering Requirement.
300% Bonus up to $3,000
18+. New players only. Welcome Bonus – 300% Bonus up to $2,000. This bonus only applies for deposits of $25 or higher! 40x Wagering Requirement.
350% Bonus up to $2,500
18+. New players only. Welcome Bonus – 300% Bonus up to $2,000. This bonus only applies for deposits of $25 or higher! 40x Wagering Requirement.
97% Payout up to $5000
Valid for New Players Only. Use Bonus Code: HIGHWINS. Code can only be used once. Get 500% Bonus up to $2,500. Minimum Deposit required to qualify is $25. 45x Wagering Requirement.
98% Payout up to $2500
Valid for New Players Only. Use Bonus Code: HIGHWINS. Code can only be used once. Get 500% Bonus up to $2,500. Minimum Deposit required to qualify is $25. 45x Wagering Requirement.

How to Play Mobile Casino From your Mobile

Finding the right mobile casino isn’t easy. Firstly, a lot of casinos only have websites you can access through a PC or Desktop. Secondly, in the age of smartphones, the technology on our phones is reliable. We could probably access these sites even without compatibility. However, we do not advise accessing casino sites through your mobile when the casino itself has not optimized its mobile access website. This can lead to complications in connection.

Below we list six easy steps that will help players choose the best mobile casinos.

  • The first step is to ensure the mobile casino site you are using is legal and operating under the relevant authority.
  • The second step is to check the banking options available on your mobile casino.
  • Thirdly, the safety of a mobile casino needs to be ascertained. Look for the latest SSL-encryption.
  • The fourth step is to look for the number of games available at the mobile casino.
  • The fifth step is to make sure the mobile casino site is compatible with your device and software provider.
  • Lastly, ensure that the mobile casino has platform reliability. So look at the mobile interface and navigating the casino. So that you know playing your games will be done smoothly.


mobile casino devices



Top Mobile Casinos for Real Money

Our rating standard features the best mobile casinos. These are the types with no significant differences from their desktop versions. This means an online casino site must offer the same quality for its mobile casinos as it does its online casino. The casino features must be identical or have small material differences because cell phones have little screen real estate. And even though mobile gaming will happen on a smaller scale, they should not be robbed of the casino’s overall experience.  Mobile casinos can be accessed through the said casino website or can be downloaded from an app store.

We rate our casino sites according to the strictest criteria in terms of safety and security. The primary source of internet connection on mobile devices is wireless. Unsecured networks always have individuals looking to exploit it — their overall performance on a mobile device.

Why Play on a Mobile Device?

The same expectations we place on online casinos apply to mobile casinos. The only difference should be the screen space. Mobile casinos are more about convenience, so accessing a slot game while waiting on the bus, for instance, is what Mobile Casinos are about. It makes the whole activity less time-consuming and easy.

Play Online Casinos on a Mobile

All the best mobile casinos have games you will ordinarily find at any other gambling site. Gaming providers create all the games we love to play on casino sites for mobile compatibility because of the high demand.  Casino sites also have downloadable apps. They offer a better user experience and speed than mobile sites and prefer many internet users who are comfortable using mobile websites.

 Top 10 Mobile Casino Games

  1. Mobile Slots

As far as favourites go, slots are the number one among casino games. This game generates up to 70% of gambling revenue and has easy-to-play options and the most generous progressive jackpots. With small wagering requirements and big potential returns, it is no wonder why this game remains a favourite.


Mobile Slots casino games

2. Mobile Roulette

This casino game is originally from France and gained popularity in the early 1900s, even developing an American version. In roulette, players have the opportunity to show off a little bit of skill and, with the right amount of luck, could find themselves going home richer.


Mobile Roulette Game


Online baccarat is also another favourite, originally from France. This game is played between banker and player, and it has an advantageous payout for players.

baccarat mobile game

4. Craps

One of the only casino games that use dice, craps is usually the life of the party at brick and mortar casinos. And because of how advanced smartphones are these days. Mobile casinos recreate the entire environment at the craps table, so players do not miss out on anything.


online craps mobile game

5. Poker

One of the most famous casino games, thanks to James Bond. Poker is a game for people that love to trick and treat. Players will enjoy using skill and try bluffing their opponents into a win. This card game is slow-paced and interesting, promising a high reward.

Poker for Mobile Casino

6. Bingo

Bingo is everyone’s favourite number game, and thanks to online casinos. We can now carry this game around in our pockets. It’s easy to play, and the reasonable wagering requirements will keep you coming back for more.

Online Bingo for Mobile


7. Blackjack

Blackjack, also known as 21, is one of the most loved casino table games. This game has many strategies that, if used correctly, will give players successful betting rounds.


Blackjack game for mobile casinos


8. Lottery

We all dream of a day when the numbers we guessed get chosen by the lottery, and we take the home jackpot. This number game is one of the most popular games globally and is played on almost every corner of the globe. It may have small chances of winning. Fortunately, the small wagering amounts make it worth a try.

Online Lottery for Mobile

9. Online Keno

This lottery-style game is for players that enjoy quick and easy gaming. All players have to select numbers ranging from 1 all the way up to 80, then compare the number selection to numbers generated by the casino. Keno offers a high winning potential.


Online Keno for Mobile

10.Sic Bo

This ancient Chinese game is played with dice and allows players to play and see if luck is on their side. It’s very popular in Macau, China, and all gambling venues in America.

Online Sic Bo for Mobile Casinos

How to Access a Mobile Casino

How to access mobile casino gaming is pretty simple. There’s the same registration process you will find on any reputable casino site.

  1. Find the Mobile casino of your choice- This stage is made easy for you by this guide because we have a list of recommended top-rated casinos you can pick from.
  2. Download the mobile app or use Instant play- Depending on your mobile device, you will either download the mobile casino app or access it through the browser.
  3. Create an Account- Registering a casino account for your mobile casino is the same as your online casino.
  4. Claim your welcome bonus or make a deposit – The best thing about online gambling is the promotional benefits. Most casinos have welcome bonuses that do not require a bonus to be activated.
  5. Start Playing- Once you have activated an account, you can start using all your mobile casino features the same way you would on the desktop version.

Mobile Casino Security

Here at Americancasinosites, we take our standards very seriously. The security measures a gambling site must have are also required for their mobile counterparts. For safety purposes, all the mobile casinos we recommend use 128-bit-end end encryption. This is how we ensure the safety and security of our American Players.

Casino Apps and Devices

Mobile devices come in many different types. There are various operating systems for mobile devices, and the devices themselves come in different shapes and sizes. This means the mobile casinos might feel or run differently depending on the type of device you use. Below is a list of the top mobile operating systems

  • Android Mobile Casinos

Android is the most versatile operating system in the world. Android’s mobile devices find all their apps on the play store or access sites through google.

  • IOS Mobile Casino

IOS is the operating system behind all apple devices; these are all iPhones and iPads. You can access it through safari, the internet domain on IOS. Or you can download it from the app store. IOS is much stricter than any other operating system, and mobile casinos will have to pass numerous screenings before becoming approved by IOS.

  • Blackberry Mobile Casino

Blackberry Limited is the operating system behind Blackberry. Even though Blackberry is not as popular as it was years ago, these device users will also enjoy casino gaming.

  • Windows Mobile Casinos

Windows operating system is new but is already making notable moves. The progress has been slow in recent times. As a phone or tablet casino user, a windows device could mean settling for a less advanced version of the games because of their stagnation. The windows devices have a play store where players can find downloadable versions of their casino.


different mobile devices

Why Use a Mobile Device?

These days, the internet is widely accessed through phones or tablets. These devices are convenient, and telecommunication networks have started to develop faster, cheaper network systems to provide uninterrupted internet access for mobile use. Software providers also work tirelessly to improving and innovating games. The popularity of phone-based casino gambling is not a surprise. Portable casino players can enjoy keeping in touch with their favourite casino sites from wherever they are. This means more and more people are compelled to give online gambling a try. And we recommend it for so many reasons. If you want to know all there is to know about phone-based casinos, then carry on reading.

Online Casino Payment Options 2021

Playing for real money means you will be transacting with your mobile casino. You might be lucky enough to win big and will need to withdraw. Our casinos offer a wide variety of banking options, and even though not all withdrawals are instant, the waiting time is reasonable on a good casino. The banking options must be accommodating to its players with preferably at least one cryptocurrency option. The world is moving towards a digital ecosystem, so it comes as no surprise that people prefer using eWallets over digital banking.  Cryptocurrency, as a banking option, provides total anonymity. However, cryptocurrencies require conversion for USD, so there might be a small fee every time you do it.

Top 10 Mobile Casino Tips

    1. Understand the game rules
    2. There is no initial deposit, so you can start playing without a money deposit.
    3. Start playing on the demo versions first.
    4. Play casino gaming with a clear head – don’t drink and play
    5. Know your limits – a real winner knows when to stop
    6. Spend less, Play more
    7. Learn ways to beat casinos using game strategies
    8. Use bonuses and promotions to your advantage
    9. Play at any of our recommended websites.
    10. Do your research before deciding on your choice.


Most Common Casino Bonus FAQ



New Casinos
250% up to  $10,000 + 100 free spins
Welcome Bonus - 275% Bonus up to $2,750
Welcome package 3,5 BTC +350 Free Spins
250% slots bonus up to $2,500 on your first deposit.
275% Bonus up to $2,750 Welcome Bonus
100% Bonus up to $2,500 Protection Status