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Best Casino Guides USA

Recently updated on March 17th, 2020

The importance of casino guides is often undermined. Gambling is a popular pastime in the United States  for many people, with 48 states permitting some form of live gambling. Except for Hawaii and Utah, the whole of America can easily access casinos and play casino games.

casino guide icon It’s the digital age, we witness the rise of online casinos, as more and more people start to enjoy playing their favorite casino games from the comfort of their own homes. Online gambling is becoming a big industry.

Here at American Casino sites, we dedicate ourselves to providing the most accurate and up to date gambling information for our readers. They share a mutual love for gambling and working alongside an experienced team of experts, we have gathered information regarding casinos that every American casino lover should know. Whether it be live gambling or online gambling, we have guides to help you understand all there is to know. If you want to find out more, carry on reading our Casino Guide

Real Money Casino sites USA


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How We Choose Casino Guides for US Players

Working with a team of experts on gambling in the United States, we have created a simple formula that helps us help you make the right casino choice. We believe in smart gambling, and we want players to make informed decisions that will improve their gambling experience. Most USA players are not even familiar with how casinos work. We are here for all of that. And looking at the popularity of Online Casinos, we do not doubt that our expertise will come in handy. Here is the step by step process we follow as a requirement for choosing an online casino. Before anything, we highly recommend that the casino site you intend to use meet the following criteria.

Casino Guides Step 1: Security Measures

Is the site you are using safe to use? Casino sites will very often need an exchange of personal information to set up a profile, especially if you are playing for real money. You will also be transacting with the casino and will need to make money transfers. The casino site you choose must use a form of encryption technology that keeps your personal information protected.

Casino Guides Step 2: License & Policies

Is the site you are using operating under authority? This is important because the legal side of gambling can get very tricky. Most of the American gambling has legal status in 2020, but there are still many corners of the online gambling world that need regulation. A casino site must be licensed and regulated by the relevant authority and must explicitly state that on their website.

Casino Guides Step 3: Player Support

Unlike physical casinos where players can easily get assistance from casino personnel who are always waiting around the casino. Online Casinos need to have a dedicated support platform that players can easily access when they need help. Player support is especially important when for casino sites. Players cannot feel like they are using the site by themselves or that they are alone. A casino site must offer more than one method of contact. And they cannot take time to respond to a player seeking help. The more efficient the communication between a player and a site is, the more players a site will attract.

Casino Guides Step 4: USA Casino Guides Gaming

We cannot forget, the real reason why you are on a casino site is for the games. There are all sorts of games available on gambling sites. And with the modernity of technology, the games become better each day. The great thing is casino enthusiasts will find the traditional casino games they love and enjoy. Games like Poker, Roulette, and Baccarat. The most interesting thing about online casinos is that they can introduce new games easily and carry all sorts of variations of games. Players that enjoy trying new things will find satisfaction in the world of gambling sites.

Casino Guides Step 5: Promotions

These include incentives and promotions sites will offer to attract new players. A fundamental difference between land casinos and virtual casinos is that gambling sites offer bonuses and promotions. This is completely unheard of in casinos of brick and mortar. They may have some strings attached though.

casino guides

State Laws for USA Casinos

America is under federal law, so its regulation can get a little bit complicated. This applies to their gambling laws as well. While gambling is legal in almost every single state. There are many legal implications for gambling across state lines and online gambling, which is still widely unregulated.

American states are allowed to regulate their gambling laws as they see fit.  Because of this, some states are behind while others are ahead. There is no uniformity, and it is up to a player to know what gambling laws or restrictions apply to their state.

Online Gambling Laws

The Federal Law allows states to ban or permit online gambling as per discretion. The statutory requirement for legal online gambling is that a state must have a verification system, which makes sure that a player is of legal age to be gambling and in the right location. Therefore in the bounds of the state.

Sports Betting Laws

Laws surrounding sports betting used to be complicated and confusing. The law has since repealed the law against sports betting. And now, states are left to figure out their legislation if they want it to be legal. Sports betting is huge, and there is no doubt about the fact that it continues to grow. Many sports betting sites are gaining popularity. And many states will follow the legal route of this game.

Difference between Native American Casinos and Commercial Casinos

There are two types of casinos in the United States, and there are a few legal implications around them that any casino player should know.

Native American casinos are run on reservation land and owned by the Native American Tribe that owns the land. Tribal casinos are sometimes what they are called, came into being after the 1987 Supreme Court case. The court’s ruling allowed Indian Reservations to run casinos on their land and there are few differences between Tribal casinos and Commercial Casinos that you should note

State Legislation:

There might be differences in the types of games Tribal Casinos can legally offer compared to Commercial Casinos. Sometimes the states allow them to provide any game, and sometimes they are restricted.  Games typically found on casino reservations are slots and Bingo. There are some instances where the Tribal casino will have more games than a Commercial Casino.


Indian Reservations split their Casino Games into three categories – Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3. These class differences indicate whether the Tribe regulates the games or not. They also determine whether the tribal casino has to give a portion of their proceeds to the state.

Casino Size:

Most people familiar with commercial Casinos will know that they are usually situated in areas where there are many other attractions and amenities. This usually means the size of the casino is restricted.  Tribal casinos are built on reservation land that is usually spaced out. Tribal casinos make use of the space they have by building large casinos.


The management for commercial casinos is always a board regulated and overseen by the state-federal law. Commercial Casinos may be run by private enterprises but they are heavily regulated by state law. Tribal Casinos operate under the sovereignty of their own law and cannot have any federal law interference. Tribal Casinos are run by the Tribe that lives on the reservation but they do hire qualified expertise actually to operate the business.

US State Casino FAQs

Which States have no casinos

Most states in American have casinos, the only ones without are Alaska, Hawaii, Georgia, Utah, Nebraska, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Vermont.

Is Gambling Legal in America?

Gambling in America is legal, but conditional on the federal state law.

Will more states regulate online gambling?

More and more states are drafting laws to regulate online gambling.

How do I deposit Funds at an Online Casino?

Online Casinos will have all the banking options they use on the site. These include but are not limited to the options we use daily, like Visa, MasterCard, and Western Union.

How do I know which Online Casino to choose?

This guide will help you learn how to identify a good online casino that is worth your time.

Are there safe Online Casinos for US players?

Yes, there are a few casino sites that operate offshore that USA players can trust and use.