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Online Craps

Online Craps is a popular and exciting dice casino game. Craps has been around for a very long time owing to its origin in the crusades in the 12th century. The name of the game is derived from the mispronunciation of the word Crabs, the original games

The game is played by rolling two dice, and players must wager what they predict will be the outcome of the roll. The game rules can seem a bit complex, especially for new players, and this guide is here to see you through it.

Craps is a fun game that involves skill and focus. It has so much to offer in terms of player experience. Anyone who is an avid gambler should try Craps.

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How to Play Online Craps

This game uses a craps table and dice, with an entire visual set up on the table that sets out how it is played. Craps use casino chips in the place of real money, so players must buy chips. The craps table looks very complicated at first glance, but it really isn’t that bad. The table is mirrored so that more players can take part in the game.  The table shows players how to navigate and where to go – there are two phases

Come out Roll Phase:

The come-out roll phase is the first stage of the online craps game. This is the time for players who want to place their bets for this round. They can place their chips on the pass line, or they don’t pass the line to indicate their wager. Then the player rolling the dice – this player is known as the shooter- will go first and roll the die. The shooter aims to roll a 7 or an 11. If the shooter achieves this number roll, then all the players on the pass line bet will win. If the shooter’s dice get him a 2,3, or a 12, then the Don’t pass line betters win. Finally,  if none of these numbers are achieved, then the game proceeds to the point phase.

Point Phase:

Now the numbers used on the come-out roll phase are 2,3,12,7, or 11. Any other number is known as a point number and will only be used in this phase. In the point phase, the shooter needs to roll a point number and then roll a 7. If the shooter rolls a 7 before the point numbers, then the Don’t Pass Line bets win. If the shooter rolls a point number before rolling a 7, then the Pass Line bettors win.


casino craps table

How to Choose Online Craps Sites

Now that you understand the game rules let’s show you what you look for when choosing the right casino site to play Online Craps. Here at American casino sites, we’ve developed a step by step process that identifies all the things you must look for before committing to a website.

Here is what we look for in a reputable site that is worth your time.

Step 1: Security Measures

Security measures are all the safety features a casino site will have to protect its players from potential cybercrimes. The reality for any internet user today is that there are a lot of criminals lurking online trying to steal valuable information from people for fraud. When playing on a real money site – you will need to provide your confidential information to authenticate yourself. Casino sites need to make sure they are transacting with a real person. So they must also make sure their site is safe.  Look for a licensed site with the relevant authority and industry-standard encryption to protect you from hackers.

All the casino sites we have recommended on our guide have the necessary security measures for you to start enjoying your online craps.

Step 2: Player Support

Player support has to be of the highest standard for online casinos. You should receive any help you might need when you need it just as easily as you access the site when you want to play. The best casino sites offer communication and assistance 24/7. Casino sites use portals like live chatrooms or instant messaging applications to make it easy and convenient for their players to reach out. Player support is one of the most important considerations for picking a site.

Step 3: USA Online Casinos

USA players will be safe playing for real money if they are playing on sites licensed to offer Online Craps. If a site claims to offer Online Craps, then it must be accessible and available on-demand. A good site will not claim to offer a game and then not deliver.

Step 4: Promotions

These are incentives a site will have to attract potential players. Promotions include Welcome Bonuses, promotions on games, or seasons.  A good site will usually offer a generous amount for a welcome bonus. This is a way to make you sign up with them. Make sure you have read all the terms and conditions of the promotions. Some usually require you to wager for a minimum amount of time before you can withdraw anything. Find a site with a good bonus and reasonable terms, then start your online craps.

Step 6:  Best Paying Online Craps Sites

You will be playing for real money, so your methods of transacting will be taken into account. A reputable site will accommodate the biggest methods of banking, like MasterCard, Visa, and Bitcoin. There must be a way to transact with the site and if it’s inconvenient for a player because the banking options are limited. Then a player will much rather choose another casino site that will accommodate them.

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How to Play Craps Like a Pro

No, you know how to choose a site and how to play the game. It would help if you started playing.

Online Craps may be a game of pure luck, so there are no skill strategies, but there are still a few ways in which you could better your chances and play like a pro. The first pro hint is that the Craps table and how it works needs to be understood entirely.  Once you have that covered – here is a step by step process about how Online Craps works.

  1. Firstly, decide where you will place your wager on the Craps table.
  2. Then decide on whether you will wager a single number or multiple bets.
  3. Thirdly decide on the minimum wager for each bet you will make.
  4. Now you can digitally roll your dice.
  5. If the dice roll in your favor, and you win. Congratulations!

Playing Online Craps: The Rules

You’ve learned the basic rules of Online Craps. Now meet the company you will have at your craps table. Online Craps has a stimulating effect because of the many people that participate in the game. The online casino re-enacts this effect and has all the people required at the craps table on the online craps table.

  • Boxman – An overseer of the game.
  • Dealers- They monitor each side of the table.
  • Stickman- The person in charge of placing the bets and moving the dice.

 How to Play Online Craps like a Pro

The difference between a professional and an amateur is experience. The more you play, the better you will get at playing.  We advise you to start playing online craps for free sites first.

Benefits of Playing Craps Online

  • Convenience

The best thing about technology is the convenience it affords us. American Players will be able to play Online Craps at any time of the day, from wherever they are.

  • Slower Pace

Unlike playing in a land-based casino, you will be pressured by the other people playing with you to be on their pace. Playing online, you will be able to set your own pace and standard. You will be able to take time to make your bets.

  • Casino Bonuses

Land-based casinos do not have welcome bonuses. The casino bonuses online are free and are likely to set you up for a great round of games.

  • Greater Variety

Land-based casinos have no variety in terms of traditional table games. Online casinos usually have all the variations of games, which means you get a better choice.

Craps Online FAQs